Tori Kropp, RN / Baby Care Basics


Bright lights, loud noises and endless space. The womb to world leap can sometimes be unsettling for a newborn. But snugly wrapping your baby in a soft receiving blanket can simulate the tranquility of the place she once called home. Of course, not all babies enjoy a good swaddle. So pay attention to your newborn's signals to see what suits her.

How to Swaddle:
– Lay a receiving blanket down on a flat surface. Fold down the top left corner. Position the baby on the blanket diagonally with her head resting just above the folded corner.

– Wrap her left arm to her left side by pulling the blanket over her torso and tucking the edge of the blanket under her back.

– Lift the bottom end of the blanket up towards her midsection so that it covers her feet and tummy.

– Hold her right arm to her right side and pull the second half of the blanket snugly across her chest. Tuck the remaining edge around her body to anchor it.