The Joy of Pregnancy

PillowTalk® with Tori Kropp, RN ~ Modern Childbirth Education in the San Francisco Bay Area

Why Choose PillowTalk?

PillowTalk advocates much more than a "method" or “philosophy” of childbirth preparation. It is everything you need to know for labor, birth, and preparing for your new baby.

PillowTalk classes have been extremely popular and the preferred choice for childbirth preparation and new parenting classes in the San Francisco/ Bay area since 1990. Our classes are taught in a beautiful and convenient location or privately in the comfort of your own home. If you are a busy professional, on bedrest or simply wish for a more private experience, you can also schedule a private phone session with Tori.

Here are just a few of the benefits of a PillowTalk class:

CONVENIENCE ~ Take classes that fit into your schedule with other couples.

CUSTOMIZED ~ to your own situation. Ask all of your own questions.

TIME-EFFECIENT AND COMPREHENSIVE ~ Private classes are short and thorough.

TWINS AND MULTIPLES ~ Learn about the special circumstances with twins or more.

BEDREST ~ Valuable instruction is provided while supporting your activity limitations.



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