The Joy of Pregnancy

Baby Care Basics

Wouldn’t it be great if babies came with instruction manuals? It would make parenting so much easier. Tori Kropp has developed this simple and enjoyable how-to guide of the top 10 baby care topics.

Simply click on each of the topics below and you’ll find practical tips and techniques to ease the mind of any new parent.

..... 1. Bathing
..... 2. Caring for Skin
..... 3. Trimming Nails
..... 4. Dressing + Undressing
..... 5. Swaddling
..... 6. Picking Up + Holding
..... 7. Burping
..... 8. Diapering
..... 9. Soothing a Crying Baby
..... 10. Sleep Position + Safety

It is normal for a newborn baby to sleep 16 to 20 hours a day. Take advantage of your baby's sleep periods to get the rest that you need.

Learn about basic safety precautions you can take in Sleep Position + Safety.